Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Update: Where am I in this IVF Cycle #2?

Just a little technical information about IVF #2.

I am on what is commonly referred to as an "estrogen priming" protocol. Basically, for women with high fsh the dominant follicle starts to get recruited in the lutueal phase of the cycle prior to the IVF(the days between ovulation and menstruation). The theory is that if you add a little estrogen to the luteal phase of the cycle before the IVF you might avoid a dominant follicle developing. Many a IVF cycle has been canceled due to a dominant follicle. My RE says that he sees about 15% of his patients have improvement with this protocol. It's bit of Hail Mary but I'll do it. Cu'z I'm all desperate and stuff.

The Pre-IVF protocol goes like this. I need to use OPK (ovulation predictor sticks) so I can pinpoint ovulation. Six days after ovulation I start taking one estrogen pill a day. On the seventh day I inject one dose of Cetrotide. I guess that helps all the developing follicles stay the same size. If no positive OPK by day 21 I need to take a blood test to see if I ovulated at all. And THAT is where I am. No + OKP by CD20. I never really could get the hang of those things anyhow. If I were on the ball I would have taken my temperature this cycle but I just can't pull it together to do that.

When I get the blood test back I'm sure they will tell me what to do next. Ack. All this waiting. Can I just tell you how much I hate this whole trying to pinpoint ovulation thing? I had forgotten how much that sucks. Now that I have graduated to artificial reproductive technology I thought I was done with this shit. But here I am...back to my rookie days. Holding my urine everyday for hours. Hiding that damn stick in my pants/bra on my way to the bathroom.

At least I'm not having forced sex. I gave up on the "sex=babies" ideas a long time ago. So no pressure there. Mainly I want to ovulate so I can start the countdown to IVF #2, make a calendar and have some idea of when it will all go down.

So that is where I am which is: nowhere. I'm lost in a cycle. Hopefully my RE will call me back and send in the phlebotomist search party.


Chelle said...

Wow. That sounds like a pretty tedious cycle. I'm sorry. Hopefully they can get you going after taking a look at those blood tests.

Just Me. said...

I totally relate to "giving up on forced sex, sex = babies" part.

Thanks for sharing such info though. We are most likely to head to our first IVF cycle soon.

I hope this cycle works for you.

Frenchie said...

Oh my high-FSH sistah. Thanks for the estrogen-priming info. I'll have to put that one in my pocket for when we're ready for IVF. (Hopefully soon, God willing). I too have given up on the sex=babies theory, and it is actually quite liberating. (Strangely).

I wonder who your RE is? I think we live in the same area....

Nic said...

Now that certainly sounds complicated....I have heard of the cetrotide thing before, and know it's to hold off ovualtion, but had no idea about all the timing stuff before.

Doesn't this stuff suck ass?!