Friday, November 7, 2008

Cycle update

Went in for my E2/lining check this morning. Lining is about 7.8. I still have more than a week before transfer so that looks great.

The Dr. called me yesterday. The donor is "loaded". He would not give me any hard numbers since it's still a bit early (stim day 7-ish). The earliest trigger would be Sunday but more likely Tuesday-ish. Which means Thursday-ish ER. Which means a 5 day transfer on Tuesday-ish (Nov 18th). Is it over-confident to think 5- day? Is it over-confident to have saved an extra grand for freezing?

I did ask about hyper-stim cuz I'd hate for that to happen to her. Even a mild case is really hard. I had a mild-moderate case last year and it was the worst pain I have ever felt (expect for my induced but otherwise natural labor and delivery...what was I thinking?...I'll have to post about that experience someday.) He said he didn't think she was in danger of that. She's just responding really well...but not too well.


soapchick said...

Excellent news! I don't think you are being too optimistic at all - I hope for a 5 day transfer! 2 embies!!! I'm so excited for you Peeveme!

Shelli said...

Great news. I think you should absolutely be optimistic! This is an entirely different experience for you, and there's no reason not to be happy things are going so well!!

PJ said...

That's FANTASTIC! Yay! I'm so excited for you!

Summer said...

Nope, not too optimistic at all. Especially given that your donor is "loaded."

Here's hoping for a great retrieval and no hyperstim!

bleu said...


I am getting so excited for you!!

Brenda said...

Yay, yay, yay! It sounds like things are going really well. :) What an exciting time! I can't wait to hear the upcoming developments; I'm sure that they will be great!

andi said...

Not overly optimistic at all!! I'd be aiming for two lovely blasts and several in the freezer.

Your lining sounds great - I think mine was that only a few days before transfer.

Fingers crossed.

Chelle said...

That's wonderful! "loaded" is GREAT!

I'm excited for you!