Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dropped of the face of the Earth

Sorry. I have been pretty much incapacitated with pregnancy fatigue and morning sickness for a few weeks. I haven't even checked my own blog let alone any of yours. Hope everyone is doing well. I promise to catch up and comment this week.

I have been vertical as much as possible. Had blood work done to see if I could go off meds. The progesterone is really low. 17.7 and that's with 3 suppositories a day. Plus last week I had two days of feeling fine. No sickness at all. It just makes me nervous all this well-being. I spend a considerable amount of energy trying not to freak out and I have been successful for the most-part. Although I did break-down and have a baby-Doppler overnighted. It should be here tonight. I was hoping/trying to be calm this pregnancy and not get one of those. But let's face it, donor or not, I'm still me and I need some reassurance that she's still alive so a month or two of a Doppler does not make me a total failure at achieving zen. I just know what I need in order to achieve it. I get another blood test next week to see if my placenta kicks into gear.

Ok, back to work for me. I have my evaluation in 2 hours and I have not even started on my self evaluation yet. Crap, I just wrote my goals (for last year) right now. How can I expect my placenta to get up to speed when I'm such a slacker myself?


bleu said...

OK remember this, suppositories will NOT show up on a blood test, they are going directly to the uterus and not the blood first like PIO does so breathe. Also, until you hit 10-11 on levels you need not worry, I PROMISE!!! At 10 and below is where you can lose a pregnancy. I lost one to it before Bliss and with Bliss I dropped to 10 suddenly and still made it with bedrest and supps. So although I truly know how hard it is try not to let this thing make you nets!!!

So happy for you and it is good to see you!!!

Peeveme said...

Thanks Blue. Yes I did read all of that in my googleing. It's just that it coincided with a loss (easing) of symptoms. I'm back to being fairly sick so all is well.

Thanks so much for your reassurance.

I promise I am not freaking out.

Chelle said...

Glad to hear from you! What a rollercoaster. I am glad you have re-gained your symptoms! :)

Ophelia said...

I'm glad to see an update from you! Happy New Year! I'm thinking of you :)

Teresa said...

It is about time. I have missed your sarcastic a$$! I didn't know you could have a baby doppler actually delivered to your house. Wow, that is the coolest thing ever. I'm happy to hear that you are sick again! Puke baby puke!

dreamsandfalsealarms said...

So glad to hear you are ralphie and tired! I tried to respond to your comments, but my emails bounced.
Thanks for the validation, and you are very welcome!

tonya said...

Isn't it funny that what I wish for you is to feel like crap for a while longer, if only for the reassurance it can provide?

You are doing great, and freaking out is allowed; you've earned that right. We're just here to help talk you down if needed. Hang in there!

Jewels said...

What kind of doppler did you get? I ask because I read that "Fetal dopplers that employ a 2 mghz probe tend to pick up the fetal heart rate earlier than 3 mghz fetal dopplers as they have a more defined beam which penetrates deeper" - I hope you hear your little h/b soon =D