Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Instant Moron. Just add Wine.

My family are big drinkers. Big drinkers. Mr. Peevme is a very moderate drinker but when bottle after bottle of good wine if being opened he can overindulge when he is with my parents. Man, they are total pushers. Your glass will never be empty. You say you have had enough and they just pour you another glass anyway.

So this X-mas eve after all the siblings and cousins had gone home it was just my folks, Mr. Peevme, Piccolina and I. As you might imagine Piccolina was a little difficult becasue she missed her nap and there was much excitement all day. She fussing and crying and Mr. Peeveme says to my Dad, "Man, we should have gotten a egg donor for the first one".

I just froze. My Dad seems confused and was like, "you mean a sperm donor?". And then I just tried to change the subject. But I was pissed at Mr. Peeveme. Really pissed. Since we were at my parents house I could not even discuss it let alone yell at him.

The next morning Peeveme said he did not remember saying that and, in fact, he barley remembers anything after dinner. He felt pretty bad.

I'm hoping my Dad didn't understand and was too buzzed to even remember. He hasn't said anything to me or to my sister (who knows about the DE).

Geeze, Mr. Peeveme, I'm not even out of the 1st trimester and you're going to blow it now? A secret we have to keep from our parents for as long as they are alive and you are going to blow it in the first few weeks? Seriously?

Plus, we had a little "talk" about how he's not allowed to say stuff like that to our kids (or me) cuz that might make them feel bad. I'd like to imagine a time when they are adults and we can make such jokes but for now let's keep those comments to ourselves.

In his defense I have almost slipped a few times myself. I have actually started a sentence with, "Well, the donor...errrr....I mean Doctor". So slips to happen. It's really hard for me to sensor things since I'm a) pathologically honest, b) a blurter.

I imagine it's not the last time something will slip. I mean, when the kid(s) are young we are going to tell them and they might tell people. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

For now Mr. Peeveme vows to be more careful and not get so loaded around my parents.


luna said...

I didn't realize it was a secret. that must be pretty difficult.

wine will make the lips blab, for sure...

Pepper said...

Well, he feels bad, which makes me feel bad for him.

I like his promise to not drink as much and to refrain from saying such things in the future. I'm sure the awareness that he made this slip will help because he definitely won't want to do it again.

Bean said...

Yikes, that must be hard. I have such a big mouth myself, I can't imagine being able to keep most things secret much less something that important. I'm also pathologically honest and a major blurter -- drives my husband insane.
good luck and take care!

Chelle said...

They should put that on the wine bottle! Warning: too much consumption of this product will make you blab like a school girl!! Been there!

I am sure it's fine. If your dad didn't say anything yet, I am sure he didn't put two and two together.

Teresa said...

Oh God dude I would have kicked my husband in the balls so hard. You have amazing strength. He shouldn't be allowed to drink around your fam anymore lol

Kami said...

I agree - it is easy to slip. Glad you are going to tell the kids before they find out accidentally.