Friday, February 20, 2009

Traveling, Missing My little Girl and I'm Really PregnanL

I just got back last night from San Diego. Since Piccolina is at her grandparent's house and Mr. Peeveme was at late meeting I did not see them. I did see Mr. Peeveme this morning. Tonight we are going to pick up our little girl. Not seeing her since Tuesday is hard. I miss her so much but I am glad I have in-laws who will take just as good of care (probably better) of her as we would and she loves them and never once cries for us. It's much harder on me than it is on her.

I leave again on Sunday morning. Destination: Tempe, AZ. Return on Tuesday night. So my posting and commenting will again be sparse-but I will read when my allows.

I shall miss my little girl (and feel like a terrible mother).

When I return I have my level 2 u/s. I can't believe it's time to find out gender. It seems too early. I'm not ready to start thinking about all the concrete stuff like names, day care, setting up for a new baby. I'm still trying to accept that I am really pregnant.


musicmakermomma said...

It does seem amazing that you are so far along! Hope your trip speeds by, can't wait to hear your u/s results!

areyoukiddingme said...

Sometimes MIL's are the most wonderful people on earth. I'm very lucky with mine too. And, my daughter adores her.

Renovation Girl said...

Builder Boy is the same way...I think he'd prefer to spend time with either my parents or my in-laws! It truly is harder on us than them. Have a safe trip...can't wait to hear about the u/s!!!!

Jewels said...

Can I just leave a guess before you find out? I think it's a girl. Dont know why, I have before she (or he) was ever implanted. Like- I keep forgetting that it could be a boy. Anyway, good luck, I'm so excited for you to find out (hopefully her/his legs wont be crossed) and then I'm right after you.
I'm feeling the same way - I cant believe I'm soon to find out the gender when being pregnant has only begun to sink in.
Oh well, it's only the first 20 weeks that fly's by, I think the next 20 weeks will be more drug out. Expecially the last 10, (until it's all over, then it all seams so fast)

Chelle said...

Time flies no?! Have a good trip and I can't wait to hear about your u/s!

April said...

Yay~how exciting to find out the sex of the baby! I think we find out in two more weeks and I can hardly wait!

Hope your trip flies by so you can get back to your baby at home!!

nancy said...

Have fun in tempe. I used to live there!

Teresa said...

How is it time to find out what you are having??? Wow that flew by for me lol.

Have a good trip mama