Tuesday, June 30, 2009






Billy May....

Has anyone seen Sham-Wow guy?


For the record I do not believe deaths, celebrity or otherwise, happen in 3's. In an unending series of events you will always be able to subdivide into 3's/. Especially if there are no time limits on when the 3 will happen.

I also heard an interesting news report today (wish I could remember the author and his book) that "3" is a way the human mind makes memory and meaning. It's just the way our minds make sense of information...not that the information is actually divided into threes...we create the trinity becasue our minds work that way. Oh, the Holy Trinity is a good example. Other examples are: past/present/future, breakfast/lunch/dinner.


areyoukiddingme said...

That is interesting. I'd like to read that book...

Sky said...

Yeah, definitely more than 3's.

Ed - so very sad. Poor man - people took advantage of him financially and things were rough last few years.

Farrah - again, so incredibly sad. I watched a Charlie's Angels marathon on Sunday while on bedrest - brought back memories of me wanting to look like Farrah when I was little. My mom posed me like her in a picture she has holding a rose (not the bikini shot!) and I looked like an ugly, frizzy haired little Latina girl - Ugh! In my crazy mind, I thought I could look like her - HA!)

MJ - sad but predictable. I'm surprised he was alive this long. You can't live on drugs and eat virtually nothing for years and have any realistic expectation of, say, your heart continuing to beat. The guy was 5'11" and about 125 lbs. (per his driver's license when he was on trial a few years back).

Bill May - at 3 AM with that annoying screaming he did, there was no one else I'd rather be up watching while he hocked some "made for TV" something or other. Poor guy.

But there is something to deaths coming in groups. After my mom died, there were about 4 high profile celebs that died within a month. It was chilling. (I hope there is life after death - would love to have seen my mom's face when Pavarotti joined her a month later - she LOVED him!)

Mad Hatter said...

How about mommy/daddy/baby? ;-)

Bella said...

Interesting on the 3 thing and how our mind works. I never really bought into the 3's thing, but now it makes more sense if that's how the human brain remembers things. Mine can barely remember one thing ;)