Friday, May 29, 2009

Omg twice in one day. This grad ceremony is taking forever. This sucks. 6 hours of torture in one day.

a 12 hour day...half of which was absolute torture. I'm may have to fake labor to get out of here. It's bad enough on a normal day but it's my birthday. Poor me.

In meeting hell

.....please send help. Lordy! This is torture. Focus people. I have other things to do today.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Birthday is coming up...I wonder what Mr. Peeveme has planned...

If it's even 1/8th this over-the-top and trying-too-hard I will worry about the state of our marriage.

OMG, is it just me or are these two of the most annoying people on earth?

Dean McDermott Goes All Out for Tori Spelling's Birthday

He gets a tattoo to profess his "undying love for my gorgeous wife", threw a surprise party, surfing lessons. "I wanted her to have a special birthday because she's the love of my life," he says of the weekend. "She deserves the world."

I think a good partnership means doing little things every day that show respect, honoring, commitment and love. Offering to do my day-care pick up, buying me peanut butter even though it makes Mr. Peeveme gag. It's the everyday that builds a marriage not the celebratory days.

I'm not saying they don't have a good would I know but methinks the dude doth proclaims too much.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Mommas

Sometimes Mr. Peeveme and I have inappropriate conversations about DE. IDK, sometimes we just make jokes about it. I'm sure we are not alone. The other day he called me his "Baby Momma". We then realized that I was only 1 of 3 Baby Mamas of his. Nolan's mom, me and the donor. We had a good laugh about that becasue it makes him sound like an irresponsible louse who can't keep it in his pants when he is actually a good, caring father and husband. 3 Baby Mommas!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday

My perfect moment was just now. I was trying to come up with a perfect moment from this past weekend and realized there were way to many pick just one.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thank Goodness...I'm anemic

Ok so that title probably isn't exactly what I intended to convey but I am relieved as all get-out to find a reason for my being so tired. I was thinking maybe I was too old and I was getting really down on myself or being so friggin tired and fatigued all the time. I remembered having so much energy with Piccolina. I would challenge anyone to a foot-race in my stilettos at the drop of the hat. I was one of those super-woman pregnant ladies who not only worked up until the due date but 10 days beyond my due date. Then, one day,I went home from work and had a baby. I never took a day off work. I kept up with all my house work and walked everyday. With this pregnancy I was doubting myself becasue I just didn't feel like I thought I should. The fact that I was not bounding with energy and needed to sit a while when I got home from work instead of launching into a brisk walk, making dinner, doing dishes and folding laundry got me a little sad and introduced self-doubt. Also, I am prone to second guessing every little negative feeling because of the DE. So I am very relieved to have a legit medical reason for being such a sloppy, sloth-y, sad-sack.

Two weeks of iron supplements and an iron -rich diet (Good thing I love lentils and Total Cereal, spinach) I am already feeling better.

Friday, May 1, 2009


We just had a meeting about our "plan" for the H1N1 virus (formerly known as Swine Flu). So we are stockpiling hand sanitizer and masks and will be distributing both to our students and staff. Apparently there is a run on both these items so we sent someone to the local huge quantity store right away to get them before they sold out.

I guess it has escaped everybody's notice that hand sanitizers and most masks do little to prevent the spread of the virus.

From what I understand the kinds of mask needed to help protect one from infection are N95 particulate masks...basically hospital grade. They are more effective when infected people use then to prevent spreading the virus but their ability to prevent a healthy person form catching the virus is questionable.

As for hand sanitizers...they claim to kill bacteria, not viruses and their efficacy in killing bacteria is questionable for those that contain less that 60% alcohol(although that hasn't stopped me from pumping mine a whole lot more than normal). Check out your hand sanitizer...does it claim to kill viruses? Mine says "germs"* (which means bacteria). So they probably will not kill the N1H1 virus. It might but I have not found anything that says it will.

Anyhow, I just sat there saying nothing because I don't want to be the bitch who injects a bit a fact into our plans.

I know there are some medical types out there who probably know more than I do (Am I high on germ-X fumes here?) but a few google searches of non-advertisement sites tell me that masks and sanitizers really don't do much other than make us feel safer.

Even our Campus health professional was buying into the mask/sanitizer I shut my trap. The only thing that would come out of my saying something would be me being seen as a contrarian, know-it-all.

I'm not judging anyone who uses sanitizers or masks (Ok little judgment on the masks becasue really...seems kind-of dramatic especially if you are in an areas without any infections). My own hands are so dry from all the sanitizer but I do think we should understand that these are largely measures to make us feel safer....not make us safe.

But the sanitizer and mask companies are going to make a mint!