Thursday, December 17, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday: Unexpected Blessing

Bambina was Baptized recently. I expected all the wonderful moments that arise from such an occasion. Powerful spiritual ceremony, community engagement, cousins playing, both sets of grandparents visiting, champagne in the afternoon, and, of course, sheet cake.

It was wonderful and I tried to really just drink it all in.

What I did not expect (which it why it's my favorite thing) was the smell of my sweet baby's head, which was blessed with fragrant oils. I drank in that wonderful smell all night long.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And she never blogged again!

Dude...I know I just had a baby and went right back to work but geeeze. How much do I suck? Pretty much, all the way.

I feel guilty not so much for not blogging but for the not reading/commenting. Man, I am so invested in each of your journeys and I feel 10 times of guilt for not keeping up. But after a few months the task seems so daunting that I'm just overwhelmed at the thought. So, I am dipping a toe back in to this...will post updates and try not to get to overwhelmed with trying to catch up for now.

If you want to give me a quick cheat sheet version of where you are and what you are doing I'd appreciate it.

Anywho...all is well. Sooo tried and stressed and broke and unclean (serious hygiene issues going on here) but I have truthfully never been happier.

Upcoming posts:
Birth story
Life after a DE pregnancy
Project Recognition update (so cool)
Wanting another when Dh says no
Conquering Breastfeeding
Pumping while on a plane/in the airport
Why going back to work so early is in some ways easier
My mom's early Alzheimer

It feels good to be back.