Thursday, April 22, 2010

Moving Back story

So the back story is: Mr. Peeveme got a job about 1 hour south of where we live, where I work, and where the kids go to day care/preschool. So one of us has to commute. The clincher is that his parents live down there so we'd have some help with the kids.

On top of that....they would take care of the Baby so that would save us $1,800 a month plus of we moved in with them for a few months that would save us a lot more and could get back on our feet a lot faster.

I will commute with our 3 year old until her school year ends.

It's stressful trying to move. I was already at my limit but now I get to add moving and commuting to the list. Yea me. Maybe my BMI will drop another point (did I tell you I'm unhealthfully skinny?...Not that I am THAT skinny but the fact that it is unintentional is worrisome. Also when I do go back to a healthy weight it will make me feel fat...which is dumb, I know, but I know myself and that is how I will feel.)


areyoukiddingme said...

That does sound stressful...but hopefully temporary? Take care of yourself, though, and think of the long term gains. Good luck!

Renovation Girl said...

Think of the financial stress that you will relieve yourself of...that is a great motivator!! Hang in there!!