Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Didn't see that coming

Crap. The person I just hired in Dec just quit. To tell the truth it was not working out that well and I was staring to regret my decision. She was the most contentious and mature candidate but she had been missing work left and right. I passed on candidates with more relevant training becasue she had the critical thinking skills that can not be taught. I could teach someone how to run the survey software, SPSS, do queries to get the data. I made an unconventional decision because I thought in the long run it would pay off.

Turns out she doesn't like the work. Hey, I understand. I have a PH.D. and I find some of the things I have to do mind blowingly beneath my pay scale. But isn't that what a job is all about? Some things are fun and challenging, others are things one just trudges through. She wants to feel like she's doing something she likes. On some level I can understand that especially if you are going to take time away from family (she has two little boys) you better feel it's worth it. I don't think they need the money....she was just dipping her toe back into the labor pool after being a SAHM.

So I get it and am not mad at her but on another level I think: for a part-time job where you get paid $30/hr and set your own hours I would not care what the work was especially in this economy.

So I'm a bit screwed. It takes about 2 months to get someone hired here. The HR process requires paper work to go to the Board of Trustees before someone can start working. They only approve once a month and the paperwork deadline to get on the agenda is 3 weeks before the meeting. So you have to offer someone the job, get all the paperwork in, and then tell them....see you 4-8 weeks when you can start working. It sucks. I need to have someone totally up an running independently running by May/June because I am going to be away on maternity leave.

Fuck me. I put out a offer to one of the candidates I interviewed in November hoping she's still interested. If not I have to go through a whole search process again...which extends the time line considerably.


Anonymous said...

That is sucking.

Riley said...

That really does suck - I'm sorry! Especially since the hiring process is such a long drawn out pain. Hopefully, the other candidate is still interested. Since it does pay so well for a part-time job and has the flexibility, maybe she'll jump at the opportunity.

eden said...

Man, how TOTALLY annoying.

She obviously doesn't need the cash, if she's willing to quit because she doesn't "like" the work.

What a hassle for you!

Sky said...

Shit! I can't even believe someone would snub their nose at that rate and flexibility because she doesn't feel challenged or excited or whatever other BS nonsense flowed from her lips.

I HATE Corporate America and I don't particularly like Advertising. Yeah, there are some super cool perks and TV shoots and all that shit but, like every single job (which is your point), it's not about that all the time. Most of the time, I'm knee-deep in creative briefings, email up the wazoo, rounds of subjective commentary from every Tom, Dick and Harry on the team and up against stressful deadlines and fragile egos.

This stuff always reminds me of what lawyers must feel like on their first day at work. 'Cause ya just know there are a few kids who have LA Law in mind - and shop for that perfect navy suit they'd wear in front of the jury their first week, while making history with precedent-setting cases. HA! If/when they ever get in front of a jury, it'll be after years of research, briefing senior lawyers and kissing ass - and by that time the suit's out of style. ;)

One of my mandates for hiring is ALWAYS chose someone who needs the job. Seems to help on the motivation scale. :)))

Andrea said...

Oh, so sorry! I hope you get someone good in there fast!!

onwardandsideways said...

Well, given this post, you have definitely more important things on your mind... but I tagged you. Cuz I likes yer blog. Check my latest post.

Chelle said...

That is SO frustrating. The whole process of advertising, sifting through resumes, picking candidates, interviewing. It's exhausting. Sorry you have to do this... Totally blows.

Renovation Girl said...

If I were anywhere near you, you could hire me! I'd take that wage and with flexibility? Wow!!! Sorry that you got screwed, especially now. I hope things happen quickly!!

Teresa said...

where the hell do I sign up for this job? damn some people are too spoiled to realize $30|hr and a flexible schedule is like the blue collar dream! haha

hope everything is great