Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today's episode of Obnoxiously Pregnant Co-worker

Me: Are you taking baby T.ylenol?

Nadine: Yea, it's the only thing I can take.

Me: You can take regular T.ylenol.

Nadine: Yea, but you have to less.

Me: No, you can take as much as the label says...probably more.

Nadine: Really, somebody told me you had to take less.

Me: Well, if your Dr. told you that then you should listen but why Baby T.ylenol? Why not just less adult T.ylenol?

Nadine: Oh, my Dr. didn't tell me that. I don't remember who did but they said you had to take less.

Me: Well, I'm sure you can take it full dose. You might want to double check the things people tell you with your Dr. or at least Dr. Google.

------end scene------

I still have no idea why she was taking baby T.ylenol.


Chelle said...

WOW. This woman really annoys me. I hope she feels inferior to you as this may be your only justice. I believe she is too dumb(and I hardly ever call people dumb) to get anything else you say.

I hope that she seeks your approval with all the stupid stuff she says and that you don't give it to her!

SIDE NOTE: How old is she?

DCat said...

How about because she is clueless. This woman kills me! IF nothing else she is somewhat entertaining!


Jojobee said...

Oh my! How haven't you thrown anything at her yet?? Is she really that stupid??? Ok, maybe she is... I take 1 extra strength when needed, which seems to be needed quite often for horrible headaches... Baby tylenol??? HAHAHAHA!

Peeveme said...

I now right...because regular T.ylenol does practically T.ylenon? That's some funny shit.

kate said...

I want to smack your co-worker. I just want to reach through the frickin' monitor and SHAKE HER. Damn.

Sparkle said...

Oh god the 'look at me, look at me'! preggy.
Umm, I'm just not even sure why anyone even knows she's pregnant at 9 weeks????

nancy said...

If I shook the hell out of your co-worker, would I get in trouble for shaken baby syndrome?

I wonder if she thought baby tylenol was tylenol to take if you are with baby. heh.

edie & ella said...

Are you kidding me??? How in the heck can this DUMB ass weirdo have a baby....I'm with old is this chic??? sam

Kate said...

hilarious! i get to overhear some conversations like this at my job- i have to try very hard not to choke while i eat.

renovationgirl said...

A friend of mine calls these types "Belly-rubbers." From the moment of conception, they continually rub their bellies for attention. It's so irritating!!!!! I feel sorry for you having to deal with her!

Pepper said...

I know I'm totally late, but this post made me laugh out loud! Absolutely brilliant stuff!