Friday, November 21, 2008

I can pee at any time


I just realized that since I did not take a trigger shot I can PAOS at any time. So I can either 1) brace myself or 2) try to arrange for a second Beta while out of town. This information would also allow me to either 1) drink on Thanksgiving or 2) try to order more meds before the pharm and delivery company take a holiday leaving me with nothing to shoot into my ass.

No matter how you cut it this is valuable information.

Let's see.....I am 3dp5dt (8dpo). I could start peeing on Sunday which would be 5dp5dt (10dpo). Ok, Sunday it is.

Wow, the 5dt is a trip. It's hardly a wait at all.

I am really trying to brace myself for a BFN. I'd rather be pessimistic and then pleasantly surprised than falsely optimistic and then get slammed. With the later I just feel stupid on top of sad. And I hate feeling stupid. At least when I am pessimistic I have the "I was right!" to buoy me. I know, I am a sick, sick know-it-all.

I have found that I am really optimistic week 1 of the 2 ww and than get pessimistic in the 2nd week. But with the 5dt it's pretty much just the first week. So I'm stuck in optimism mode. Usually by 10DPO I'm already thinking it didn't work so that BFN is easier to deal with. Quick, someone throw some water on my hopes.


Pepper said...

When I did my first IVF I did not POAS. I wanted to hold out hope as long as possible.

Stupid ass move.

I got the negative beta results while at work and about a half-hour before I had to go into a meeting. Won't ever be doing that again!

I don't know if there's a right a or wrong approach to that question, but I do know that I'll be choosing a different route the next time.

Anonymous said...

I'll keep the hope alive for you... You can be as pessimistic as you want :)

Jewels said...

I (amateur infertile here) don't know when is a good time to get a BFN result. But I do agree- not at work or before an important meeting.

FX for you - I can’t believe you can start testing Sunday already. Wow! And I'm sorry - but I am hopeful for you. I have no water to douse out your hope.

Sarah said...

You are super brave. I never POAS. I want the nice people I've paid all that money too, to break it to me gently.

Andrea said...

I say POAS Sunday!!! Good luck! I will be stalking your blog that morning! **crossing fingers for you**

Sparkle said...

Well here's the really freaky thing - apparently your blast would have implanted within 24 hours ... was it hatching?

Peeveme said...

Sparkle..NO, they did not day it was hatching. But according to my source (the source I am reading and re-reading) if it's still alive it's burrowing in (or so the theory goes).

FYI- This is my source. I hate it. I can't go 2 hours without looking at it.

nancy said...

ooo - i love the fact you are going to poas. I'm an early pee-er too and it gets such a bad wrap.

Sparkle said...

Oh that website is great, but check this one out = click play!

Brenda said...

I realized too the secret blessings of a donor egg pregnancy: no trigger shot to mess up the POAS results!! I have been calculating when I felt like I could POAS; I was thinking that any test wouldn't pick up a positive until about Wed of next week (15dpo, or 12dp3dt). What do you think cycle twin, am I waiting too long? Do I have too little faith in pee sticks?

Lorraine said...

Howdy - somehow linked to your blog... and of course have to pipe up and say that I tested at 7dp5dt and got a sad nothing on the FRER. Next day, nothing. The next day - day of first beta - a faint faint faint line. (Beta was well within normal and doubled in a day and a half.)

So, if you do test on Sunday, don't take it as definitive if it seems like a negative! Good luck!

Shelli said...

No water throwing here! I am crossing my fingers and toes for you.

tonya said...

I always POAS as soon as I can. I don't know why I can't wait, but I just don't want to. Also, if it does come up positive, then I need to know ASAP so I can start other meds to hopefully stay pg.

I am holding up the hope banner no matter what path you choose.

PJ said...

Me too! Me too! About the being optimistic during week 1 and pessimistic during week 2!

And I absolutely hate the not being able to enjoy the ride because you're wanting to protect yourself from being crushed. Yet, I do that every time. The whole thing is such a mindfuck. Pardon my candidness.

I hope you get a positive for Thanksgiving and have that to add to your list of things to be thankful for! :)

Melbagirl said...

I would start peeing tomorrow!

That way you get to watch the tests turn positive ... oooh such excitement!!