Thursday, June 5, 2008


This guy who works where I work (call him J) a few years back J and his wife were having trouble getting pregnant or so I heard. All my knowledge is second-hand...I think since I was going through infertility a mutual friend told me about J. J and his wife achieved that apocryphal know...took a vacay and got pregnant naturally after trying "everything" (I don't think they every did IVF so I question the veracity of this "everything"). Anyhooo. Flash forward to a few months ago when I hear through the grapevine that they are expecting twins. I am really happy for them. I, of course, assumed they were IVF twins. Glad somebody is getting their money's worth from our local RE.

They were telling people while still in the first trimester. OK..not my thing but do as you wish. Then I hear that they are going to visit family for 1 month in a third-world country. Really?

Well, I just heard that they lost one baby while on the trip. Actually they started off with triplets...then after a trip to a third world country...they are hoping to hold onto a singleton. My immediate first thought is I hope and pray for their remaining baby. My heart goes out to them. Really. Truly, it does. My immediate second thought is "what were they thinking?". I have no idea if the loss was at all preventable...but after loosing one baby would you go on a month-long trip to a place without a darn good perinatologist?

I can see how people who have never experienced infertility to take it for granted. I can see how someone who had never had a m/c may take it for granted but if you have experienced both would you take any sort of risk?

I know, I know you could sit in your house on bed rest and still m/c. I'm just saying...unnecessary all I'm saying.


DC said...

I could not agree with you more. C'mon, people. Get a brain. Take a break from your vacations for NINE FREAKIN' MONTHS!!! Too much to ask?? I think not. Then again, I'm just a crazy, hormone-addled infertile. :)

Bean said...

I agree, I'm firmly in the "better safe than sorry" camp. So is my hubby, we still in the 2ww and he's already cautioning me to take it easy driving so I don't get to bumped by the many potholes during my daily commute! :)