Thursday, June 12, 2008

Slap Happy

The most absurd thing just happened to me and I just had to share it. Being summer and oh... 99 degrees outside I am wearing a skirt today. A co-worker came to my office to talk to me. I went to sit down and my thighs slapped together in such a way as to sound like a fart! I just froze. What's worse...farting...or explaining that my thighs just smacked together with such velocity as to create a temporary vacuum of air?

I decided farting is worse. I was laughing so hard I was crying trying to explain that I did not, indeed, fart despite all auditory evidence to the contrary. I'm so embarrassed and yet, clearly amused.


Pepper said...

LOL - Too funny! Those awkward noises can be hysterical. :-)

Io said...

Hehe. You totally have to laugh.
Whoot! Fellow brass player!
I played trumpet, baritone horn and trombone, though that last one was really only for a few months.

DC said...

LOL! This has happened to me before. Totally embarrassing! :)

Anonymous said...


That's the greatest thing I've read in a very long time!