Thursday, June 19, 2008

Secret Good Deed

I work at a college. Our Admissions and Records Department is full of super-nice, hardworking people. This being the beginning of the Summer Semester they are quite busy. On top of that they have had an auditor here all week and they have spent weeks getting ready for that.

Just for fun I sent them two boxes of these with a note that read:

Dear A&R Department,

Thanks for doing an awesome job.

Love and hugs,

A Secret Admirer

Not only will they get a cookie but I'm sure they will have fun trying to figure out who it is. Of course, I'll never tell.*

*Except for security. I did notify them just in case A&R thought the cookies were some kind of evil, stalker prank. A&R= nice and hard working but also...scaredy-cats.


Chelle said...

HOW NICE! What a really nice thing to do!

PS-Thanks for the back-up on the shams and bedskirt not matching! :D

Marie said...

What a great thing to do.

Baby Step said...

That is super sweet. P.S. I work for a college too!