Thursday, September 11, 2008

100 push-ups

A blog I read is doing the 100 push-up challenge. It sounded fun so I got Mr. Peevme to do it with me.

I used to be a body builder. Lifted weights 6 days a week. Ran once to twice a day. I was in grad school. Working-out and studying was all I did all day long. I was amazingly strong and lean. That was ten years ago. I have been able to coast off all that work I did in my 20's well into my 30's. After one baby and a million ART cycles I need to get into shape again! Not like I was before. I have a life now. I'm pretty thin just flabby and pathetically weak. I thought this wold be a good way to get back into things.

In this program you do push-ups 3-days a week in ever-increasing amounts for 6 weeks.

My week 1 looks like this:

Day 1: Do a set of 7 then rest 60 seconds, another set of 7 rest, 5, 4, max out (minimum 5)

Day 2: 90 seconds rest in between sets- 9,8,6,5,max out (minimum 7)

Day 3: 120 seconds rest between sets- 10,8,8,5 max out (minimum 10)

Each week looks the same but with a few more each set.

I'm only on day 2 of week 1. Very sore. I have to do Day 3 tomorrow. I'm sure I'll still be sore by then.

Once I get the hang of the pus-ups I want to start doing some squats (for my gluts) and some cardio even if it's just going for a brisk walk with Mr. Peeveme and Piccolina.

I'll let you know how I do. I don't see myself doing 100 push-ups. I just want to get stronger and start some type of routine that I can stick with.

On the DE front I finished my test cycle. After 16 days of oral estrace tabs my lining was 8.0 which is on the thin side. During my real cycle I'll probably be on 4 tabs a day. I am now doing 1 estrace tab and 1 progesterone tab a day for 7 days. Then no meds and wait for AF. I am to call them the CD1.

I met with the DE coordinator on Tuesday. She said she would call the donor and get back to me. I'm still waiting. I know it's only been 1.5 days but I'm really anxious to know if she is willing and when she'd be ready. The DE coordinator seemed to think I could start BCP on my CD1 and we could start to synch-up our cycles. I hope so. I am not any good at waiting.

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Candi AKA Ophelia said...

I can't even do one push up... it's so sad :(

I think it's because my b00bs weigh me down ;)