Thursday, September 18, 2008 I wait

Doing lots of things to get ready for the DE cycle.

Pap-waiver- check!
My STD tests- check (and I passed BTW)
Sign medical release form to go from my OB to clinic - check!
Meet with DR. Clinic - check!
Meet with Donor coordinator- check! (and we are now BFF's)
Signed muchos forms - check!
Paid- $3,500 - check!
applied and got $25,000 line of credit from Capitol one - check!
Mr. Peeveme must sign all docs and get them notarized- not yet!

Just waiting for Donor to get her period. Then we both start BCP. I cheated a bit. I really can't take BCP. I go coo coo crazy. Not a little hormonal but true rage on the verge of violence. No kidding. It's like watching a movie of a crazy person. I know I'm being unreasonable but I don't care. Plus the other physical symptoms (most notably sever dry-eye to the point of not being able to drive, read etc) are debilitating. I need to limit the amount of time I am on them. I was supposed to get AF this week. But I continued my progesterone support so I could extend my luteal phase. My Dr. said it was fine. Other wise I might be on BCP for an extra week. Once she gets AF I go off progesterone and go on the BCP on CD2.

So it's been a whirlwind of activity and now I wait. We could be doing ER/ET towards the end of Oct. If all goes well. I think this is the calm before the storm of Donor -cycle #1.

Now for the stats. Dr. Clinic said that when 2 blasts are transferred they have 70-80% success rates. However, half of those are twins. If we felt strongly that we did not want twins we could opt for a single transfer. Those rates are about 40% success. He said that 2/3 of the time there are embryos to freeze.

Music to my ears.

In the "not music to my ears" category, I have day 2 of week 2 of the Push-Up Challenge tonight. Actually, I feel pretty good. Not experiencing too much soreness. In fact, I have so little soreness I am worried I am not working hard enough. It's amazing how much strength I have gained in just a 2 weeks.

Also, I am getting confirmed. You know, as in the Catholic Church sacrament? Yea, that. I never got confirmed. When I was a teenager they kept raising the number of years you had to go to the classes. My mom got fed-up and pulled us out. So in addition to all my pre-DE running around I have also obtained my Baptismal Certificate and met with the Deacon.

I have always felt like it was a loose end so I'm wrapping it up. I don't feel some urgent, faith-based need. Perhaps I shall feel more spiritual about it as I go. However, I don't think it's a coincidence that my sudden need to wrap this up just happens to coincide with a really hard year for me and my being on the verge of a DE cycle (Which the Catholic Church is against...I imagine I will have more to say about that later)

There are 10 classes-2 hours each. That seems like a lot to me. Not sure I will be able to attend them all. I work, have a toddler, and my DH travels so we'll see if they kick me out for excessive absences.

Also, sorry for my lack of commenting. I am trying to step up my game at work so my time for commenting is limited since I am actually, you know, working at work.


bleu said...

WHEW, so glad you passed the STD test. ;)

Exciting news thought about how this is all moving forward!!

renovationgirl said...

I second the WHEW comment. I'm a little breathless merely reading this! Full speed ahead!!

Fellow Catholic here, so congrats on going forward with the confirmation, too. Oh, the conversations we could have together about IF treatments and our church. ;)

Shelli said...

It sounds like things are going wonderfully!

Candi AKA Ophelia said...

I'm so excited for you! If I lived near you, I'd notarize all your documents for you :)

Chelle said...

Check! Ha! Good for you.. sounds like you are lining it all up. I do hate the "hurry up and wait" though!

Summer said...

Great news! I hope the end of October is here before you know it.