Monday, September 22, 2008

Push-up test

On my first push-up "test" I did 8. The test is when you do as may as you can (Max out). After weeks 2 (which took me more like 18 days) I did 25! And I think I might have cheated a bit because if I did 26 I would have had to moved up a level and work even harder. I think that is amazing. In a little bit of time I was able to more than double how many I could do.

I just found a few bloggers on facebook. Yea. I love the facebook. If anyone else is on facebook let me know so we can be friends.


Ophelia said...

I can't even do one lousy push-up! My skipping prowess makes up for that though I'm sure ;)

I'm not on facebook, but I'm on myspace.

Jewels said...

Oh! Oh! I have Facebook!! YAY!
How do you find me? I'm new to facebook and dont quite get the whole thing. I only have like 4 or 5 friends.

I havent counted my pushups in a long time but I do them often. Erm - girl pushups though, so I can do alot, Guy pushups, I havent a clue, I'll try it tonight and report back later ;D