Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What not to Write to Your Boss

I got nothing. Nothing to blog about. I found this little note in my files and decided to post it becasue again....I got nothing.

It was bosses day and I had told my boss I didn't get her a card becasue I was not kiss-ass. Well, lo and behold one the Administrative Assistants pick-up and extra card for me to give to my new boss. Of course, my boss would know that I didn't actually have the forethought to get a card (sine I had just told her that I did not get her one) and that this was the work of a quick thinking Admin Assistant. I knew "looking bad" was in my future. So in my usual blurter-style I composed to following:

BTW: My new boss is AWESOME. I have been meaning to post about how great work has been (from a boss stand-point, co-workers can be another story).

Apparently I did get you a card for Boss' Day. (Note to self: get a card for a certain someone on Secretary’s Day. Also, find out when Secretary’s Day is.) Lest you think this a hollow, obligatory and not heart-felt gesture let me remind you about the Oatmeal this morning. That’s love, right there. (Her oatmeal exploded in the microwave that morning and I cleaned it up for her since she was rushing off to a meeting)
All kidding aside, I am very excited about the future since you have come to College Name and into my life. I find myself anxious to come to work and sometimes wanting to stay longer at night because I am working on some project where I have been trusted to challenge myself and the College to do something new, better and meaningful.
As a non-tangible gift I am enclosing the following quote. Compassion has been a theme for me this year. It’s not something that comes naturally to me and I find it hard to accept from others so these words have been a guiding force for me. I know how you love quotes.
There are times when a little compassion goes a long way. The key is discerning when you need it and when you need to give it. Those two different occasions often feel the same.
Peeveme, worker-bee, visionary


Sky said...

You have a penchant for the written word. Bravo!

PS: My director is the most kick-ass boss on the planet. He's English with the driest wit (love it!), the coolest attitude and has no tolerance for mushy bullshit. We don't exchange Christmas gifts - but if you need him, he's there for you EVERY SINGLE TIME! (that's what's important!)

areyoukiddingme said...

I have had nothing but a succession of bad bosses and coworkers who range from really cool to absolutely vile. I wish I had had a boss who would appreciate that note!

chicklet said...

A boss to like? I think I have one of those finally, after years of suffering, but I still don't trust it. You just never know how people can turn...

Hmmm, that sounded negative about your boss. It wasn't. Just my pessimistic suspicions re bosses.

littlebitofsomething said...

i'm so jealous of your awesome boss. used to have an awesome boss, now... not so much.

Chelle said...

I am sure she appreciated the oatmeal clean up! And what a nice note to let her know you care.

Good bosses are few and far between, imo.

sara said...

So true...a little compassion does go a long way. Sometimes it's hard for me to remember that. But how true. How true!