Monday, December 8, 2008

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-ly

Lord knows I'm not a stickler for proper use of punctuation or grammar. I rarely edit things before I publish (as you are very aware) and even if I did it wouldn't help much becasue I'm a poor editor. I am a horrible speller and even worse typist. I'm pretty lax about these things however, there is one thing that drives me nuts: when people do not use adverbs. Drives me bonkers.

For example, when someone says "Drive safe" I usually add the "ly" for them (under my breath...I'm not THAT big of a jerk.) I don't do it to correct them. I do it becasue somehow it makes the world seem right. Without my mentally saying "ly" it would just be floating out there forever dangling and unfulfilled.

Sometimes, after I use an adverb I will mentally add on a few extra ly's to make up for all the improper usage I know is happening out there.

Verbs require proper modification and that proper modification is an adverb. Please us them correctly (ly, ly, ly).


Teresa said...

Now you've got me all paranoid that I don't use adverbs. Crap. Thanks alot! ;) I hope you are doing good...haha should be well huh?

Peeveme said...

OH, I am not the grammar policy and I don't judge people about grammar. I just have this involuntary thing.

As far as I can tell all is well in in the Peevme uterus.

Jojobee said...

Glad to see you're doing well and all is well with your little bean! I really think you've got me thinking about my adverbs too! OMG!

sarah said...

but refrain from adding to Funny, and I will love you forever. Also, don't add "ivize" to incent.

Anonymous said...

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