Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Sky is Possibly Getting Lower- (Now with Update)

I don't want to be a Henny Penny. I'm really concerned but trying not to get ahead of myself the way I normally do.

I have had four Beta's. The doubling time between 1 and 2 was 1.88 days. The doubling time between 2 and 3 was 1.86 days. Both were well below the 2 days doubling time that is recommended so it's been very reassuring. I know some Dr.s consider 48-72 hours (2-3 days) fine but I have not seen too many pregnancies in the 72 hours range that stayed put. So if I had one in the 3 days range I would worry.

The doubling time between Beta 3 and 4 was 3.47 days. So you can see why I am concerned. It's not even in the 3 day range that I find worrisome. I am worried but trying to not get hysterical. I have a pre-natal appointment with my OB's office today (not with an OB or a nurse...just a paperwork person) and another Beta. The pre-natal is just a series of paperwork and a blood test. I might even pee in a cup and get weighed but my pants stay on (no u/s). I wont get the blood test results until tomorrow and I have an u/s at my RE's office on Friday. I will either get some good news or I could be looking at a repeat of a m/c performance I'd rather not repeat. No, the m/c encore would be unwelcome indeed.

On Beta # 2 my progesterone was 44. Beta number 3 it was 34. I'm concerned and since I am between Dr's I'm not able to really get anyone on the case. And what good would it do? They can't save a bad or nonviable pregnancy anyhow. I'm not pregnant enough for my OB and too pregnant for my RE.

I am not in full hysterics but I'm bracing myself for the worse. I'm really hoping that this is nothing and I'll have a strong Beta and happy u/s but I am not naive.


Just came back from the Dr 's office and from cruising the internet.

I found this little bit of reassuring information. (Source)

Within the first 2-4 weeks after fertilization, HCG usually doubles every 48-72 hours. That usually corresponds to HCG levels below 1200 IU. From 1200-6000, the HCG usually takes 72-96 hours to double. Above 6000 IU, the hCG often takes over four days to double.

I'd still like to see something in the 72 hours range but this does give me reason to breath a little easier since I am well into the range when it could take a healthy pregnancy four days to double the HCG.

Paper-work woman was very nice (as she always is). I expressed my concerns and she was very understanding and accommodating.

My concerns are:

1) My medications. My insurance should be covering them but since my scripts are with a private RE the hospital insurance wont take them. Hospital pharmacy will only take scripts from their Dr.s. Also, I cannot be prescribed any medication until I am seen by a Dr. or nurse for an OB appointment. But they don't have OB appointments for folks until they are at least 8 weeks. The very first OB appointment is Dec 23 (7 weeks 4 days) which I snapped up but will need to reorder meds prior to that date.

2) If I should have a m/c I have now where to go for proper medical care. I would need an u/s to ensure it was a complete m/c as well as blood tests to make sure the HCG went down to 0.

Solution: I have an appointment with the nurse practitioner on Monday Dec 15th. This way I can get my scripts and an u/s if the one on Friday is not conclusive or bad.

To recap all my appointments:

Dec 10th OB- pre-natal paperwork, blood, urine tests.
Dec 12th RE- u/s
Dec 15th OB- First OB appointment, urine test, possible u/s, scripts
Dec 23rd OB - 2nd OB appointment, urine test, possible u/s.

I realize I am sucking up a lot of resources but this time in between the RE and OB is weird. Like I said: Too pregnant for the RE; not pregnant enough for the OB.

My OB's office is being wonderful and trying to be as responsive as they possibly can. I am a self-admitted nervous Nelly. I'm not demanding any thing....just letting them know my concerns and that I would be appreciative of any extras they could give me.

I am feeling a little better than before. I just want to prepared for all scenarios.


14 dpo- 292
17 dpo - 885
23 dpo - 8206
25 dpo - 12225
27 dpo- ???


Marie said...

Oh Amber, I will be thinking and praying for happy results.

Mermaid said...

You're in my thoughts. I can't believe your RE has neglected you during this! Good luck with the U/S.

Teresa said...

I'm sending up my prayers right now. I really hope that everything is ok and that there's nothing to be concerned about. (((Hugs)))

Jojobee said...

From what I know of beats, your doubling time is good... What day did you do your 4th beta? The later you get them, the slower they increase. Why are they doing so many betas? My clinic only does 2, just to make sure things are doubling... It's only going to freak you out! I've known people who's clinics do the same thing, and they all freak out! NO MORE BETAS! You have your u/s on Friday, which is good it's so soon. As far as the p4 levels go, I can't help you on that, but I've read you don't want it below 20. I've never known my E2 & P4 levels... Please just try to not worry and relax! (((hugs))) and prayers until Friday! :)

Shelli said...

Wishing, hoping, praying for you more than you know. I know from experience that anything out of the ordinary is bound to set your mind reeling. Not that I want to obsess with you, but how high was the 4th beta?

DE Mommy said...

Please check out which can provide info on the doubling rates as well as actual beta counts. The higher the beta the slower the rise. And your numbers have been fantastic.

I've heard it put this way: if your beta continued to double every 48 hours, within weeks, your entire blood would be nothing by hcg.

I think it's all fine...but you'll be reassured with your ultrasound.

Teresa said...

I'm glad you got some reassurance mama! The internet can be so evil yet so helpful too. Hi my name is Teresa and I'm a google-aholic.

DE Mommy said...


I just checked betabase.

The AVERAGE doubling rate for betas over 8000 are between 35 hours and 111 hours. An 84 hour doubling time is right within the range of normal.

I *know* it's nerve wracking. But hang in there until Friday!

Also, your beta for 25 days is still very, very, VERY strong for a singleton!

Hang in there the best you can!!! But don't beat yourself up for worrying. it's impossible not to!

Andrea said...

Praying for you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Suck. Up. Every. Resource. Available. No guilt!! Suck it aaalll up!!

I'm thinking good thoughts for you, but I don't think you'll need them. My spidey-sense tells me all is well with you and the little one...

Hang in there!

Kate said...

I think everything looks great- I'm no doctor, but truly, I wouldn't worry too much!! You'll have 1000 things to worry about for these 9 months!!

Anonymous said...

It's fine Sweetie. I just know. {{{HUGS}}}

nancy said...

This is why my doc stops doing betas after it reaches 1,000. At that point, only u/s are done because he can't "tell" anything from the betas anymore.


sarah said...

I'm glad you found that other bit of info. My RE doesn't do beta's after a certain point because they don't give any more information.
It's weird that you've been released by your RE. Mine keeps you until 8 weeks, and then you got to your OB at 9 or 10 weeks.