Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Social (Butterfly) Worker

That paper-work appointment got me thinking about something that happened when I was pregnant with Piccolina. This large practice has each women fill out paper work regarding "life style". Everything from drugs use, anxiety, depression, emotional and physical abuse. If you answer something that puts you at risk you get an appointment with a social worker.

When I did this three years ago I accidentally marked "yes" to the question, "Are you being physically threatened by anyone in your household?" I don't know how I marked the wrong box but I did. So I get a call for an appointment with the social worker....only I didn't know that these appointments are for "special" patients. I just thought everyone got a social worker appointment. So there I am with the social worker and she's asking me all sorts of questions about my home life and I'm answering them all truthfully but thinking "Man, I know that, statically speaking, pregnant women are at higher risk of abuse but they really are fanatical about this". After a while she asks me, "Why are you here"? And I'm like, "Um, you told me to be here". And she's all, "On your questionable you indicated that you were being threatened". Cut to me with my mouth agape and bugged out eyes. I quickly cleared up the matter but I had the sneaking suspicion that she had the sneaking suspicion that I was not telling the truth.

And the worst part is that information ended up in my chart so at every single pre-natal appointment I was asked about it. Poor Mr. Peevme would not come with me to any appointments becasue he was so embarrassed. Plus he was worried that I'd pull something "funny" in the waiting room like flinch when he moved or say things like, "Ok honey, just don't get mad. I promise I'll do better. Just please don't get mad."

All kidding aside, domestic abuse, especially of pregnant ladies needs to be taken very seriously but to have people wrongly think you are being abused is really uncomfortable. Also it sucked that Mr. Peevme would not come to any appointments becasue he didn't get to see any of the u/s. I finally had to go through a whole big deal to get my chart corrected.

Anyhow, this time I was sure to fill out the forms carefully. I dutifully check each and every box truthfully and accurately which has earned me ANOTHER visit with the social worker. Apparently if you mark that BEFORE pregnancy you drank daily (the choices are: daily, once a week, one a month, never) you get a meeting with the social worker. Never mind that I have not been drinking since the transfer. Never mind that "Daily" and "Weekly" is a poor choice sequence (What do you mark if you have a drink 3-4 days a week?). It just seems like a waste of her time and mine. It also seems like a very poor screening question in my profession opinion.

So I get another nice chat with a social worker. Between all my extra appointments for u/s and blood work and now this I am quit the "regular" at the OB's office. For the rest of this month I will be there at least once a week....maybe more If I can get the social-worker appointment scheduled this month.

I figure I should make the most of it. So if you were locked in a room with a social worker what types of questions would you ask?


bleu said...

Oh hun, you need to learn self editing on these questionnaires, seriously. What a total pain in the ass!!

Jojobee said...

I'm sorry, but I was laughing at your post. I know the issues aren't funny, but when you're not doing any of the above and their questions are questionable, then it's kind of humorous! :) I'm sorry you have to meet with the social worker once again, what a pain.

areyoukiddingme said...

I would seriously avoid being stuck in a room with a social worker!

Melbagirl said...

I'm also sorry. I laughed out loud at your post. But you are right. It's an extremely serious subject. I think it is fantastic that they treat these issues so seriously.

Andrea said...

I was shocked when my RE's nurse took me back before DH and asked me if I was being abused. I think it's awesome they do that, I just never expected it. Your poor DH, he sounds tramatized. Youy story did give me a little chuckle, I must admit. Good luck with all your appointments! I hope the social worker leanves you alone!

Andrea said...

Gosh, I can't type! Shouldn't have had that extra glass of wine. Sorry! (Don't send the social worker after me :)

Shelli said...

Being the information hound that I am, the conversation would end up with ME asking all the questions. I am always interested in what's foreign to me, and just because of my guilt, I'd probably end up asking about volunteering.

Yeah, I'm a geek like that.

Mermaid said...

Lesson learned: Read the questions carefully and answer carefully. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

You should have asked if she hears the voices too (looking wildly around the room). The whispering, Dear God, the WHISPERING!!!

Course that might get you committed (though that's not as easy as they make it sound..don't ask), but at least they wouldn't be worried about the drinking anymore!

PJ said...

Oh my gosh! Poor Mr. Peeveme! ahaha! Geeeeeze! Bless his heart!

What about people in Europe that drink wine every day with dinner? Would they need a social worker to evaluate them with every pregnancy?

I'd say totally make stuff up and screw with her just for fun, but I'm sure that would backfire! :)