Thursday, December 11, 2008

Slow Learner

It never occurred to me that I could "edit" my answers on those surveys. I just answer everything truthfully. Dork.

It also never occurred to me that I don't HAVE to meet with the social worker. Mr. Peeveme said I should just refuse to meet with her. When she calls I will politely decline the offer and explain why. A glass of wine with dinner before I was pregnant is not a risk factor. It's just not.

I'm such a rule follower those things just never occur to me.

And thanks for all your reassurance the other day. Just a momentary lapse of reason.


bleu said...

See and the way they look at the survey is that if a person puts down they drink often or have abuse in their life then they must really be crying out for help, so they provide it, which is great but with the super honest answering when there truly is no problem it just ends up giving you a headache and them thinking you wanted to ask for help but then chickened out.

Make sense??

Peeveme said...

Well, since my husband beats me it makes sense that I would drink so much. JK.

They should spend those resources on someone who really needs them.

Chelle said...

I totally agree with not going-and I think you are right to politely decline. No need to be rude, but they do need to focus on the people that actally need it.

AND-I agree with you about the wording: Daily? weekly? etc. What if it's in between?

I really hate how being honest can bite you in the arse. Not very much insentive for people to be honest huh?

Teresa said...

C'mon go ahead and edit your answers on the survey next time. Be a dirty rule breaker. It's so liberating. And next time you're at a beauty counter don't buy any makeup just steal their little mascara and lip gloss applicators. It's a total trip. I know you can do this dude. I know it! ;)

Summer said...

I hate filling out those forms when the choices don't fit what I do. Sometimes I edit if there is space (took me some time to figure out I was "allowed" to do that, too). The other thing I started doing is to just leave things blank. I figure if they really want to know, if it's really that important to their records, they will ask me and then I can give them the answer verbally and let THEM figure out how to mark it on their badly thought out forms.

areyoukiddingme said...

I like to add things to questionnaires. Why should I limit myself to their choices? Anyway, I would decline the visit, and I wouldn't feel it necessary to explain (other than, your survey sucks).

Andrea said...

Yeah! Rebel against the social worker. You go girl!

I also hate when they ask things like are you a binge drinker or how many drinks do you have a day? Well, during the week I have none, but maybe I had a shitty week and I drank 2-3 on Friday and Saturday. How many drinks a day is that...the average of the whole week? Is that binge drinking? I just put some arbitrary low number to make them happy.

Pepper said...

I was also thinking that you didn't *have* to go to the social worker meeting so I'm glad others pointed it out!

It must be such a relief to have that off your plate. :-0

Elana Kahn said...

I can't believe they try to make you go to a social worker for this stuff. *sigh* What a waste of everyone's time!

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Kami said...

HEY! Congratulations!!!! You know, with beta's like that everything looks good, imho.

Funny story about the social worker appointment too.

About your drinking 'problem', DH and I have started having a glass of wine - ok 1/2 glass each night for health reasons. PULEASE!