Saturday, August 15, 2009

Black Eyes

As mentioned I pushed for a long time (longer than most unmedicated births). She was sunny side up and I think that was a large part if it. It can make pushing take longer becasue it's just not as effective.

After she was born I noticed I was having trouble seeing but with all the excitement I didn't think anything of it.

After a while in the Labor and Delivery room they wheel you to a recovery room. You are in a wheel chair, holding your baby and everyone in the hallway waves and's what being a prom queen must feel like. So there I am grinning, waving back, accepting my accolades.

A few hours later a go to the bathroom and look at myself for the first time. I screamed! I had two HUGE black eyes. And nobody told me! All the blood vessels in the whites of my eyes had popped and were and angry shade of red. My eyelids and under-eyes were practically swollen shut! After a few hours they turned into lovely bruises.

And then I remember my little prom-queen ride and felt like and idiot. I was completely clueless. I looked more like prize fighter than a prom queen.

I took this picture about 3 days after so you are not getting the full effect but you get the idea.

And in the "be careful what you wish for" category Mr. Peeveme and I used to joke around about how while I didn't want any artificial pain management I didn't want to feel the pain so maybe he could just punch me in the face and knock me out. No drugs and I'd be unconscious so I wouldn't feel the pain. We laughed and laughed at how one would put that in the birth plan.

And then I came out with two big shiners!


This time I will try to visualize pushing DOWN lower rather than up through my head. Not sure if there would be any true effect but it seems lot of pressure was going up into my face and not down into my pushing parts.


Anonymous said...

Wow - you are one impressive woman! I'm sure people seeing you do the Prom Queen Ride were just so impressed, and probably they were goggling at Piccolina anyway!

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Summer said...

I bet everyone was applauding because your black eyes showed them just how physically hard it was to birth Piccolina!

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Bluebird said...

I have learned so much from reading these last few posts! Wishing you all the emotional and physical strength in the world.