Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time's up! Your having a baby

I am officially 12 days overdue. More overdue with my 2nd baby than with my first. I am about 90% effaced and almost 3 cm...but I doubt anything will really happen before I am scheduled to be induced. I think if they gave me a few more days I would go into labor on my own. I'm just a slow starter.

Induction is set for tomorrow morning and if anyone who has volunteered for an epidural or membrane stripping or had any other intervention tells me I can refuse, I swear I will reach through the internet and give you a titty twister. Unless you have been in the situation of actually refusing intervention you are in no position to pass judgment. None. I am however, open too all suggestions about how to better manage an induction...negotiation pointers ect.

(I chose titty twisting because I am all about nipple stimulation these days...trying to get my labor started).

There are certain things that a hospital considers non-negotiable and induction at 13 days past due is one of them (at my practice). I have held them off for as long as possible. My time is up.

Now, before I get accused (again) of harming my baby I'd like to make a few points which seem obvious but apparently are not for some.

1) Baby and I are being closely monitored. Twice weekly stress tests and u/s to check amniotic fluid. I am doing 3 or 4 kick counts a day.

2) Statistically there is no health difference between having a baby at say 38 weeks than 41 weeks. No reason to believe that any harm will come from being overdue a little. The health issues seem to be if you go over 42 weeks. I am not sure why everyone seems to think it some sort of tragedy to go over a due date. It's fine. It's not dangerous as long as mommy and baby are healthy...which we are.

I am amazed at how uncomfortable or even accusatory people get once they learn you are at or over your due date. Man, I get lots of unsolicited (and inaccurate) advice about how to get labor going. Even worse I get told how "dangerous" it is. Yes, that's what you should do...try to scare a pregnant lady into labor with all your inaccurate, uninformed, hyperbolic opinions


So here's where I could use some help.

All my labor preferences (thanks, Birdee) have been for a completely natural labor and delivery, total avoidance of any interventions. However...now that I am being induced I may need to rethink that. For example, breaking of the waters. My first reaction is "no way" but when I think about it...if I am on Pitocin anyhow maybe breaking my waters would kick in my natural labor so that I could turn the Pitocin down or off? I have no idea about this. I haven't researched it and I haven't seen a whole lot on how to induce as gently as possible. It seems like all the information about natural childbirth assumes no induction which, I guess, makes sense. It also seems like once you start and induction protocol there is little room for negotiation or individual choice. How does one get induced and minimize risk to baby and avoid artificial pain management?

Again... we are assuming health and lack of complications. I'm not an idiot. Of course, my goal is a live baby...I didn't think I needed to state that but apparently I do.


Bluebird said...

So exciting! I have no advice or suggstions, just wanted to let you know that I'll be thinking of you and your little one, and hoping everything goes as smoothly as possible. Can't wait for an update!

Not on Fire said...

I too, was induced for my first. I tried massage and acupuncture before going to the hospital.

I had my water broken with my second and it did help. The risk with having your water broken is infection after 24 hours.

I am hoping the best for you.

kristy said...

No advice here, just wishing you a speedy delivery that happens the way you want it to. More or less. :-)

Shelli said...

I was induced at exactly one day shy of 42 weeks. Pitocin didn't advance anything. Last stop was breaking waters and that did not help much either except starting the time clock for the ultimate decison. I won a ticket directly to the OR for a c-section. There always is a point (once induced) when you have to see something progressing, otherwise the decision is made for you.

I would say, I hope that you get the birth you want, BUT don't be surprised if you get something else. And come to think of it, I don't remember anyone harping on "how being overdue is dangerous". The only thing I got was a bigger baby. lol.

Thinking of you, and wishing you all the best!

areyoukiddingme said...

Question: Do they have to start the pitocin right away? Can you have your membranes stripped first, and then give things a couple hours to get started?

Don't "they" say that a dose of castor oil will bring on the contractions? Spicy food? Walking? Sex? You've got the nipple stimulation thing down, it would appear.

ks and jd said...

No suggestions either, but I wanted to wish you the best! And no complaints I don't want any titty twisters!!! LOL!! I hope everything goes as it's expected! Can't wait for the update!

Coco said...

Hahaha! I was literally imagining a hand coming out of my screen and giving me a titty twister!

Good luck tomorrow! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you, it's finally here! But I have no experience with being induced, so no advice, just good wishes and hugs!

nancy said...

First off - good luck and can't wait to see those first newborn pictures!


I was induced with all 3 of my babies. And I was against any non-medical intervention.

1) My placenta was threatenting to fail, so at 39w5d I was induced when my body wasn't ready (no effacement/dilation) and it was terrible. You won't go through this because your body is already ready.

2) My water was broken when I was effaced but not dilated much (only 1cm) and I had been in pre-labor for 3 horrible days. I was exhausted and my waters were bulging - so as soon as doc broke water, I went into full labor.Had baby 6 hours later.

3) Had manual version so I could avoid c-section. My water broke on it's own that night before thought of pitocin. Water breaking sent me into full labor.

So, my opinion? BREAK the waters and that can fully put you into labor without having to go the pitocin route.


Mad Hatter said...

Hey lady! I just want to wish you well and tell you I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, my first blog sister! Lots of love and prayers that all goes well and smoothly and in the way you want it to. XOXOXOX

Renovation Girl said...

Black Belt Mama was induced with both babies and did not have interventions with either of them...you might want to check her out (if there's time) or send her an email www.blackbeltmama.com.

Best When Used By said...

First of all, I want to say I wish you good luck and as easy a delivery as possible and a healthy perfect baby.

Now then, I'm so sorry that people have attacked you to the point that you feel both defensive (having to explain yourself) and offensive (threats of titty twisting) at the same time. Shame on them. They are not your doctor, nurse, midwife, family member or anything else. Do they really think you're just blindly going along hoping for the best? Honestly.

I wish I could offer info about pitocin, breaking waters or anything else that might actually help. I just don't know.

I really hope you have a good birth experience and will look forward to reading the birth post...when you can get around to it! Good luck, sweetie.

tonya said...

Ok, since you asked, my assvice follows. ;-)

I would do ANYTHING I could to avoid a pitocin induction. I was induced with #1, *after* my water broke naturally, and it was an excruciatingly painful labor and delivery (this was a K@iser delivery, go figure; they wanted me to have the baby during regular business hours, and did everything they could to make that happen.) I would recommend: 1. Acupuncture, 2. stripping membranes 3. Breaking water w/o pitocin drip. IF you do have to have pitocin, I would seriously consider an epidural.

I was absolutely adamant against it with #1, but after hours of labor with #2 finally opted for an epi. I could still feel things, but they were dialed down to a tolerable level. That was definitely not my experience with the pitocin induction.

I am wishing you a smooth and safe delivery, however you go about it. You and your wee babe are in my thoughts!

Jojobee said...

I know I haven't posted much on your blog, but I don't have much advice, but to go in with an open mind... I did have a c-sect due to pre-e so I was never induced. But I hope you get the delivery you're wanting and I just pray that you and baby are safe. Congrats and can't wait to hear an update!

mekate said...

Wishing you ALL THE BEST today--
thinking of you thinking of you thinking of you


Chelle said...

I have no advice-never been there. BUT I, myself, was over 2 weeks overdue and look at me- I'm just dandy!!

LOL at the titty twister-definetly don't want one of those. :)

Good luck, I'm thinking of you!

Summer said...

Hoping everything goes smoothly, however it happens. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

oh good luck! i can't wait to hear the good news!

April said...

I have no advice, as everyone's birth experience is different (my induction went GREAT! Dr. broke my waters...and I do seem to recall at some point in the day they turned the pitocin off...but honestly it's all a blur so I don't remember when.) but I wanted to say GOOD LUCK! Can't wait to see pics of your newest little bundle of joy! :-)

Frenchie said...

So excited for you! Of course I have no advice whatsoever on childbirth/labor. But am hoping for you everything goes as smoothly as possible.