Monday, August 10, 2009

My cervix is a dirty liar

It's the exact same as it was a week ago (75% effaced, almost 2 cm). I knew it. The mid-wife (who swore I'd have this baby this past weekend) was surprised to see me. She did give me some "I told you so credit" which was nice.

No worries...I am not at all anxious and I'm not ready to do anything to move things along. 4 days over due is not that big of a deal.


Best When Used By said...

I guessed you'd have the baby last Saturday, so I was way off too. Only 2 cm. Hm. I think she must have read that lovely post you wrote and decided to stay.

Coco said...

I can't wait to hear your birth story from both pregnancies! I, if I ever get that far, will be having natural labor. My back has some issues that will prevent me from have any kind of spinal or epidural. I love to hear birth stories that are honest, which I'm betting yours will be!