Thursday, February 24, 2011

I think about it but it's fine

I do think about Bambina's origins all the time but not in a negative or intrusive way. It just is. It's just one more unique thing about her. It makes no difference in how I feel about her or how I built my family.


sprogblogger said...

Yeah. I wouldn't say that I forget Henry's genetic origins, but it's not hurtful at all. If anything, I marvel at the technology that allowed him to be my son.

Sara said...

That's interesting, and makes sense to me. Eggbert is genetically mine, via IVF, and I never go a day without thinking about that fact, but those thoughts are, if anything, celebratory. I'm just so glad she's here. It makes sense that those types of thoughts would be even stronger when your child required even more help to create.

Thanks for sharing. I'm thinking about using DE, so it's really helpful to read stories like yours.

DE Mommy said...

I totally understand this. It's the same with us.

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