Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm an Ass

Boo Hoo Hoo...I have two beautiful babies. Boo Hoo Hoo...I have wonderful in-laws who are willing to help us out. Boo Hoo Hoo...I'm thin. Boo Hoo Hoo I have accumulated so many material items that they are difficult to pack. Boo Hoo Hoo...I have a career that I enjoy and am paid pretty well for. Pity me!

Shut it, Peeveme.

I am stressed but need to change my mindset.

All (most) of my "problems" come from abundance. Life is full. Take it as is come.


areyoukiddingme said...


Just because your life is filled with wonderful things doesn't make it less stressful. But the wonderful things make the stress a little easier to bear.

Also, it always helps to belt out a few lines from "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"

musicmakermomma said...

Yeah, you are such a $^$%#! Ha! Well, we all have to have our little fits and then look back and think, wow I have it so good. Otherwise, how could we appreciate how good it really is?! Glad you have so many good things, sorry it's stressful!

The One and Only Chelle said...

Haha! I know exactly what your saying, sometimes I want to follow those rants with, "and my gold shoes are too tight!"

It's true though: just because it is good, doesn't mean it's any less stressful!

Lavender Luz said...

You're not the only one. I've been known to bray on occasion as well.

At least you do it with awareness. Makes it less ass-ish.

And also what A said.

April said...

I think we are all entitled to our days of self-pitying. It happens!

Anonymous said...

This post has nothing to dowith yourcurrent life other than we justtransferred a single donor egg embryo three days ago-not that I am counting or anything. This is ourfirsttime transferring only one and I am terrified that it won't work. We chose to transferone since I delivered ourson (donor egg FET-two transferred-one took) 7 weeks early. After our first DE baby was stillborn at 6 months (transferred 3-one took)having to leave our son in the NICU sent me over the edge-serious PTSD. Anyhow I am already considered high risk for pre-term labor-was on bed rest, probably will be again, I just couldn't responsibly put two in knowing that the risk of something happening to the babies or me would be even greater but I am wondering if I made the right decision. Your story gives me hope! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!