Monday, May 18, 2015

Not so soon...

Well this is interesting.  Prior to 2008 in California, egg donors got to decide if the receiving couple could transfer the embryos to anyone else.  I always thought they were ours (Mr. Peeveme and mine). I'm a little mad that I was not told about this.  Since the donation happened a long time ago, the medical records are in deep storage and it will be a few days before we know how the egg donor responded to the question of if she wanted the receiving couple to be able to transfer the resulting embryos to someone else.

I hope to hear very soon.  The clinic said that it was unusual for someone to donate eggs and then not allow the donation of the embryos.  I did not tell the potential receiving couple. No need to make them worry. I am sure they have been through enough worry and heart ache.   If it's good news (which it likely is) then they don't need to worry. If not, at least they had a nice weekend.  

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Interesting hardly describes it!