Friday, July 25, 2008

Get my Freak off.

I sure had myself major freak-out huh? Well that's grumpy, intense and tenacious up close and personal.

Successful remains to be seen. But I certainly was chic.

On the day that my Freak-out reached it's fevered pitch I wore: Black linen slacks(always a good choice), a pink button-down short-sleeved shirt and a lovely pair of pink, pointy toe pumps with an ankle strap.

For my Freak-out 'do I took inspiration from Pussycat Dolls Present: Girliciouse having caught about 5 minuets of it the night before.

Anyone who is even a casual watcher of the reality-show will note that after the makeovers the girls have one of two possible hairstyles.

'Do A: long and straight with heavy bangs. Bangs must cover the eyebrows but leave the false lashes (with the glitter base) viewable.

'Do B: The faux-hawk. Pull-hair back at the top (where bangs would go). Pin them so they have a bit of height. Sides of hair get brushed back. Back of hair is teased and left down.

It's like Robin Antin just flips a coin or something, "Heads=bangs for Chrystina. Tails=Fauxhawk for Charyle. Heads= bangs for Tiffanie".

I did 'do B but I put the rest of my hair a high pony tail. While sobbing uncontrollably it's good not have hair stuck to your face. Cuz hair pasted to the face is unprofessional.

I would like to take this opportunity to public thank Robin Antin for keeping Lil' Kim gainfully employed. I do find it strange that, compared to the 18-year olds you have just made-over, Lil' Kim is the most conservatively-dressed person at the Pussycat Lounge.

No work today. It's office moving day! So in the midst of my freak-out I was actually packing up my office. Such a multi-tasker. Monday I get to unpack then it's off to a field trip to P*er One Imp*rts to pick up a runner or two, a lamp, wall art. I need a few things to spuce up the trailer.

Now that I'm in the cycle I going to make the best of it. Once I commit I really commit. The clinic has called me no less than 3 times today. I appreciate the effort. I really do but I wish they had had that level of conscientiousness with out my freaking out. I'm not someone who relishes getting people in trouble or sticking it to people. I take no glee in the fact that they feel they have to treat me with special care. In fact, I am down right embarrassed. But I'm in it now and happy with my decision.

Have a massage scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Fat pants are clean and ironed. This is a bit overly optimistic. I did not get any bloating at all during my last IVF. But a girl can hope.

Monday is the first u/s and e2.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I go away for a few days and all hell breaks loose! Sorry you went through so much at the beginning of a cycle. I had a similar thing happen to me. My RE's office was terrible with communication and the IVF nurse was a total cluebag who forgot to tell me to take one of my meds. Thankfully, from reading so many IF blogs and Resolve info, I called to ask why I hadn't been told to take this med. She just laughed and said, "oops!" Oops?! Really??? $20,000 and all you say is oops!! Grrrr...hope things work out for you.

Jewels said...

I felt silly when I realized I said "Poem" the other day instead of "words".
But I want to tell you I love seeing you when I click on comments. You lift my spirits in how you related, you have put words to my feelings and lessened the confusion. As much as I hate that any women has to go through this, I appreciate it when a woman reaches out so openly with her own experience to another women, It's like she gives her something nobody else can give her.
I'm at a loss for words, but I'm full of gratitude for you.
Thank you.

luna said...

enjoy the massage!!

Danaly said...

hey, glad the dr. drama is behind you (at least for now) and you can get a massage and ride the cycle. I will be praying so hard that this one works! thanks for the updates!

PJ said...

Enjoy the massage! I'll be painting my kitchen. :( Relaxing, right?

Echloe said...

Happy massage.


Sassy said...

I hope you enjoy the massage tomorrow and this cycle goes well for you.

Just Me. said...

Have a great massage!!!

Here from ICLW.