Thursday, July 24, 2008

What am I supposed to do? Not Rhetorical.

It's now 4pm on CD3 and no call. I was to start meds on CD2. Waited all day for IVF Nurse to call. Say's she'll have RE call me in the morning. I ask if I should start meds. She says to wait for RE.

It's now 4pm and no call. I have left a message with the IVF nurse. Spoken to another IVF nurse.

I feel trapped. They have my money. I already spent a few hundred $ on blood tests, 5K on nonrefundable meds, arranged our schedules for this IVF cycle. I already felt this cycle wasn't going to be very on top of that I am starting meds late for no other reason than they don't care enough about their patients to call them back in a timely manner.

My dentist is more responsive.

I am shocked. I'm shocked, furious and so desperate to cycle I may just let them treat me this way because I am more afraid to not cycle than to cancel.

Even if they call and are all "Everything's fine, you can start meds anytime no CD3. It wont affect your cycle. It's not a problem." I do have a problem. A coupe of problems.

First there are the medical issues. I should have started on CD2. I'm a poor responder. I have not been suppressed. The likelihood of dominate follicles are high. All the reason to start meds EARLY not late.

This is probably is my last chance with my own eggs. All the reason to be especially careful with my treatment. Not careless.

Then there are the business issues. This is not the first time they have done something like this. Left us hanging. Not called us. Caused unnecessary stress and now they have likely caused me to have to cancel this cycle. This being the case I am not sure I want to continue with them for any future cycles. This is unreasonable and shoddy. If it were the first time I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. Actually, I did give them the benefit of the doubt and look where that got me.

I have half the mind to get my money back, demand reimbursement for all the money I have shelled out on blood tests and OPK in preparation for this cycle. And once I get that sue them in small claims court for the cost of my non-refundable drugs.

Either that a lay down and take it because I am so desperate. I'm not sure I have it in me to rest for another 2-3 cycles or however long it will take to find a new RE and get in sync to cycle.

I'm feeling trapped and beaten. When I get like this I will accept anything anyone has to dish out because I'm so tired and scared and overwhelmed.

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PJ said...

Hmmm... I've been reading this post and the previous one. Incredible that they have not called you. I'm picturing a big clinic with too many patients!

I think I might call them right now and leave a messege with the answering service that you have an emergency! I also think I'd be tempted to go ahead and start stims (if they have given you directions and you have the meds and all). I don't think it could hurt, and it might help.

Clearly there are some severe communication issues that need to be resolved. I'm sure that when you do finally get to talk with them, you'll feel much better. Hopefully that is sooner, rather than later. If you don't hear from them tonight, either call or even maybe go in first thing in the morning and get that all straitened out.

I'm definitely leaning more toward going on with this cycle, than not.

HUGE HUG! So sorry you've got to go through this stress. I hope it all works out quickly.