Friday, August 8, 2008

Girl Most Likely to...Part 1 *Updated with Before/After pics**Sorry, pics had to go away.

The reunion was a blast. A good time was had by all...mostly me! I went with the attitude that I was just going to have a good time, no stress, no axes to grind and I did just that. For the most part everyone was cool. A few people still completely stuck on themselves. The mean girls were still mean but I found it amusing.

I have segmented my stories into variations on the theme: Girl most likely to:

...see her RE at Dinner:
OK this has nothing to do with the reunion other than it happened while I was having dinner with Paolo before the reunion started. The restaurant is about an hour away from the RE's office so imagine my surprise to see my RE (he needs a name so I'll call him Dr. Professional) hangin' at the Mojito bar. He was with about 3 other couples. So, of course, I get up to say hello and have to weave my way through his gang of RE's. Now, I'm a complete social dork. "Awkward in a social situations" pretty much covers who I am but my RE take the cake. He immediately starts to ask me if I got the messages, take the same meds....basically goes over my IVF instructions right there at the mojito bar. So since he's all awkward, I get all awkward and blurt out that I'm going to my 20-year reunion. Thankfully, I stopped right there and didn't say anything too embarrassing. I almost told him to go on over there and hand out some business cards cuz there was a whole room full of women pushing 40 down the street. Thankfully, I did not. I did confess that I was having a glass of wine. Why? Because I must blurt things out to make any awkward situation even worse! I simple must.

At first he did not recognize me. And I DID NOT say "You probably don't recognize me with my pants on". Although it popped into my mind and I THANKFULLY edited myself. I'm so proud of myself because I usually say that kind of stuff out loud!

...not be recognized: Apparently, I look different. I will try to scan in an old photo of myself for your inspection. I look NOTHING like I did back then. This is no surprise. I knew this. I just was not prepared for how people would react. It made me feel kind-of bad for two reasons. 1) nobody came up to me. Which is hard at a reunion. I was starting to feel like nobody wanted to talk to me. Turns out they had no idea who I was. So I had to make all the first moves but once I did it was ok. 2) Was I that bad in high school?

...not be under-dressed: What's with all the slacks and Tommy Bahama shirts? Dudes, this is a 20 year reunion at the nicest hotel in the area. Even many of the women were kind-a casual. While I was not out of place I was certainly one of the most dressed-up folks there. Seriously, there were more than one pair of jeans. JEANS!

When I first got there I used the bathroom and there were two women dressed to the nines. I asked if they were here for the 20-year reunion. They were like: "We're 23". Whoops. Sorry. But then I made friends by telling them that I wished they were here for the reunion because I felt over dressed and they classed up the joint. After that they loved me. They agreed that everyone was far too casual and that I look AWESOME and that I still "got it" so I should "flaunt it". Then I told them to hurry and get out of here cuz they looked too good and would steal my thunder. I really did say that cuz again I am a blurter!

Part 2 coming up...


soapchick said...

Sounds like a total blast! I had my 20 year reunion 2 years ago and it was so much fun! I bet you looked totally hot Amber, did you take any pictures of yourself?

How funny about seeing your RE. I saw mine once too, the day after I had my appointment with him and he didn't recognize me at first! Are we that forgettable or do they only know us by our lady parts? haha

Marie said...

I would have to be mighty intoxicated for me to go to my reunion.

Lori said...

I second soapchick -- I'd love to see a pic.

I experienced the same "Who are you?" at my reunion. I didn't realize I had been quite a nobody back then.

Being a late bloomer has its advantages, don't you think?

Amber said...

OK I will post a pic. I just want to find and scan on old pic so I can do the BEFORE and AFTER.

renovationgirl said...

Congrats on editing yourself with your RE...I totally would've blurted out, "You probably don't recognize me with my pants on," followed by hiking up my skirt and saying, "Does this help?"

I think you look awesome AND young! Glad it was fun. I"m not sure I could go to mine...too scared what it might bring up for me. Might send me into years of therapy or the desire to buy purple knit leg warmers and pull out my Wham! album...

JenM said...

How funny that you ran into your RE at the restaurant! I don't know if I would have gone up to mine or just run in the other direction.

Good luck with your transfer tomorrow!

luna said...

great story! love the pix! you look HOT!