Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Lots of things going on but no time to write about them. Just some sneak previews for you.

1)Step-son moved out yesterday because he is 18 and knows everything wants to move across the country. The College he wants to attend is there. I have not written about my adventures in custodial step-mom-hood. Mostly, it would just be a huge list of non-stop complaints which would make me sound all petty and bitchy. But if you have not lived with a teenager you should not judge! If you have not been a step-parent...zip-it. Step-parenting is hard. It's harder than you can imagine. It's one of those "had to have been there" things. Sort-of like infertility. Only you are infertile and raising somebody else's kid. Anyhoo, I'll have to write about it someday now that it's not a constant source of pain-in-the-ass-ness.

2)Commercial building renovation project mostly compete. Our new business in said building is going to start soon. GRAND OPENING Sept 6th. Weee. I'll need some help planning this. So please collect your thoughts on what the hell happens at a grand opening of a laundry. And where can I get a pair of huge novelty scissors?

3) This DE thing make IVF look like an unmonitored clomid cycle! It's like 100 times more complicated and worrisome and expensive. So many things could go wrong at any time. Every step of the way is uncertain and expensive...did I mention the expense?


bleu said...





Peeveme said...

Blue, You are the best! Who knew novelty scissors were that expensive? Even the cheap ones are about 80 bucks. Maybe we can skip that part. But we do need a banner and those only cost $10.

Marie said...

I bet Eric can sympathise with step-parenting and E is only 8.

I am really interested in the DE cycle so I am excited to be reading.

Anonymous said...

I lived with someone who had two children (3 and 8) and I realized then that the relationship would NEVER WORK. For me, step parenting was AWFUL and BRUTAL and I hated it. Ultimately they are NOT your children and you're reminded of that every time you try to set some boundaries. And you know what, I didn't love them either - because of THAT!

You deserve a medal for dealing with it at all. If I were you, I would have been all too happy to pack his bags and get him out of there the instant he said he wanted to go. Good riddance!

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