Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 8. Not Great.

Things don't look that good. Taking another look on Saturday. That should tell us if we move forward or cancel. I'm ok with canceling if it looks really bad.

Day 5/Day 8

E2= 38/220
Right 5/4

#1 7.9 / 12.0
#2 7.3 /6.9
#3 6.7 / 6.7
#4 5.4 /6.4
#5 5.1

Left 5 /5

#1 8.2 /12
#2 6.8 /8.5
#3 6.3 /7.0
#4 5.8 /6.3
#5 5.5 /6.0

Here is a comparison of both Day 8's

Day 8 IVF #1/ Day 8 IVF #2

* means that follicle was mature after ER


Right 4/4

#1 10.7*/ 12.0
#2 9.7*/6.9
#3 9.0*/6.7
#4 6.9/6.4

#1 9.3*/12
#2 5.7/8.5
#3 4.5/7.0
#4 3.9/6.3
#5 3.1/6.0

Last time anything less than 9 didn't make it. I now have lots of sixes. On the bright side I don't have all those small 3-5's like last time. Maybe some of the 6-7's will catch up.

If the sixes catch up then we are in business. If not we are looking at about 3. If that happens I may want to pack it in, convert to iui, and use the money I get back to go towards DE. We'll see. I'm actually doing ok with this. I'll be sad but at this high dose of meds we did give it our all. I can feel satisfied that my ovaries are done. Eventually, I will be ok...always a bit sad, mad but I'll accept it. I just don't want to feel any "what if's" . I can live with not having more bio-kids knowing I did what I could. I can not live with doubt.

I should know soon. Just trying to chill. There truly is nothing anyone can do to change this. Just gotta ride it out and see where it all ends up.

In other super-fab news...Mr. Peeveme lost his job. He does get 3 months salary and we hope the company honors that. We have been contemplating a career change for him anyhow. His current career in sales keeps him on the road a lot, no benefits, and frankly, does not pay THAT well for how much he has to work. I'd rather him take a 9-5 job with a pay-cut if it meant we could have a normal life, earn some retirement, have vacation days, sick leave. All those things are worth a lot even if it hurts the cash flow at first. It just means it will happen sooner than we thought. Aside from being afraid financially, this could be a really good thing for our family.

He dislikes what he does. It has no meaning for him. He has been talking to a company for a while who might be interested in hiring him part-time for a while then moving into full-time when he gets his skill-sets up to par.

Scary but we are looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.


Marie said...

Wow you guys have a lot on your plate right now. I hope you get good news Saturday. My husband works nights and sometimes I wish he would do somethings else so we could be "normal"...whatever that is.

PJ said...

I totally feel your pain. Well... I think you're dealing better than me, but still. We were converted to IUI AGAIN, yesterday.

Sorry to hear about your husband's job. I hope that it opens better doors for ya!

renovationgirl said...

Oh wow. So sorry about the job loss. We've dealt with it too many times in our marriage and it just plain sucks.

I have my fingers crossed that those 6-7's grow, grow, grow!

luna said...

hoping your follies catch up and grow, amber!

sorry about your hub's job. I hope it leads to something wonderful, but it still sucks for now.