Monday, August 18, 2008

Still early but not looking good 8dp3dt (11dpo)

Negative test this morning. I know, still early but at least the blow (potential blow?) had been softened. If it turns around then nobody will happier or more surprised than me.

I think I caught another cold. WTF? I was starting to feel better...getting to the phlegm/cough part of the cold and now my throat is sore again. We went to a play on Saturday night and it was outdoors. Usually, in the middle of August it's nice and warm outside at night. This summer's very cool weather (in Nor Cal) meant that it was cold and damp and despite many, many layers it did nothing for my cold. In fact, I think the old cold has been delayed from getting better and I might have another cold layered on top for extra suckiness. I spent much of the weekend in bed...which is UNHEARD of for me. I never lay down...ever. I was feeling so run-down I could not get out of bed for much of the day on both Saturday and Sunday. Usually, the call of a toilet in need of scrubbing has much more allure.

I hate to complain but two colds and a negative pregnancy test makes me feel kind-of sorry for myself.

Plus, it's my annual "get passed over" day at work. So that's always fun. Since this is not an anonymous blog that is all I should say about it. But, of course, I will say more cuz that blurting problem of mine extends to the written word. Let's just say I wont be adding any plagues to my wall this year. "Get Passed over" being an annual event, this is not a real surprise. I'm like the Susan Lucci of the Employee-award-world except without the throngs of people acknowledging you've been robbed. I lack throngs.

Also, I think I may, indeed, be invisible. I know! How else is it that I was left off two, TWO separate presentations, created by two separate people, in which team-members of certain initiatives were publicly acknowledge for their contribution? I'm sure I was at all of those meetings. I even crunched and presented data to one of the initiatives. Seriously, this is like a personal-best for "get passed over day" for me. I am the super-hero of losers completed with a super-power (unintentional invisibility).

OMG, maybe my second line is just invisible? Three top-graded embys and none of the implanted? Yes, invisibility seems to answer a whole lot of sad-sack mysteries.

It's only noon so there is time for a) the day the get better thus establishing an equilibrium (ha!) 2) the day could get worse (please no, even I have my limits. Let's save a little suck for next week shall we?)


nancy said...

I used to never be the one who says this .. but due to my own experience, I have to. It's like the rules or something :)

It definitely can still be early. Hell, it's early for a 5dt. With a 3d, it takes longer past transfer (on average) to see a bfp. I had a negative on 10dp3dt and a positive on 11dp3dt. And - the beta was only 15!

So, I'm sorry about the negative (and the job thing) but also holding out hope.

andi said...

hey my dear - now forgive me - but i am going to say it too: WAY TOO EARLY.

and I also hate to say it: but I think the feeling rundown - another cold on the way - also sounds like a good thing.

Anyway - I will shut up - and await with much anticipation.

Jewels said...

I'm just sending ~hugs~ and holding out hope. I'm thinking about you with everything still crossed.

bleu said...

I really hope it is too soon. I was neg on 11dpo (6dp5dt) and in the morning on 12dpo (7dp5dt) and then pos that afternoon.

I also wanted to add I will happily ne your throng.


JenM said...

Good luck- It is early, but I can imagine you are frustrated. I am sorry you are dealing with feeling invisible at work. . .I know how you feel. Keep your chin up!

tonya said...

I am still hoping you get good news from this cycle, and that the colds from hell release you soon.

And I'm sorry about work, that just stinks.

Kelly said...

Hi Amber - thanks for your words of wisdom on my blog. I don't know anyone who's been through this, so it helps to know what to expect. Great idea about checking progesterone levels, too. Thanks so much! I hope you get your surprise in a couple of days! :)

Ophelia said...

{{{HUGS}}} I hope your BFP is just a few days away!