Monday, August 4, 2008

Stim day 12

Still chilling with 3 that will be mature, 2 are iffy, 3 are really iffy/probably not.

Day 5/Day 8/ Day 10/ Day 12

E2= 38/220/550/??
Right 5/4/4/3

#1 7.9 / 12.0/ 14.2/ 17.2 (yes)
#2 7.3 /6.9/ 9.8 / 16.6 (yes)
#3 6.7 / 6.7 / 8.4/ 11.7 (really iffy)
#4 5.4 /6.4 /6.5 (huh? where'd you go?)
#5 5.1

Left 5 /5 /5/ 5

#1 8.2 /12/ 14.6/ 19.0 (yes)
#2 6.8 /8.5 / 12.1/ 14.2 (iffy)
#3 6.3 /7.0 /10.1/ 13.2 (iffy)
#4 5.8 /6.3 /9.8/ 11.5 (really iffy)
#5 5.5 /6.0 /8.6/ 10.1 (probably not)

Same meds. Another u/s on Tuesday. Likely trigger on Tuesday then ER on Thursday.

Not feeling a huge amount of hope here but I've feel ok. I am a realist and I am at peace with the fact that my eggs are bad. I'm sad but ok.

Just want to finish this cycle. See what happens. If I get really lucky and get pregnant then great. If not (which seems the more likely scenario) the donor is available. I can start to move on a DE cycle in a few weeks.

The silver lining of DE is that I might get to have 2 more babies instead of one more. I really want more than 2 kids. Mr. Peeveme is pretty set on only one more. But if we do DE:

1) the donor will probably produce many eggs and we'd have many embryos. FET anyone?

2) I feel that is would be kinder to have two DE kids. They'd have the same genetic make-up. They'd have someone who shared their genetics, experience and be able to relate someone while growing up. It just feels like the right thing to do. Not that I'm getting ahead of myself or anything. I have a need to plan, think things through, try on different scenarios. It takes me a very long time to get used to and idea. The longer I can ruminate on it the easier it is for me.

Had a blast at the reunion. Will be telling stories soon.


nancy said...

Wishing you tons of luck and sending GROW vibes for those behind will catch up!

luna said...

keep those things growing amber!

soapchick said...

Amber you have a great attitude about this all. Try to keep that and just chill through this journey.

Oh and yeah if I were able to afford to live in one of those mansions, I sure hope I could hire a housekeeper! ha ha.

Mimi said...

Your take on the two kids with the same genetic makeup is so cool! I totally get that. Says the mom with 3 bios, one that has no full sibling :-( because this last one just took too much out of me. If only I had met the new and improved Daddy sooner!

I'm watching your numbers with you, it's amazing how fast you forget these things but it all comes flooding back! Sending you some seriously awesome hopes for this cycle!

JenM said...

New to your blog :-)

Good luck to you, I hope they keep growing, and that your eggs are good and strong in there.

Ophelia said...

Good luck this time around hun! You're in my thoughts :)